Abigail Schaefer

MA Entrepreneurship for Creative Practice

Title of Work: “MUKTA_UN_DONE”

Artist Statement:
Mukta_Un_done is a new brand which uses 100% repurposed fabrics to create limited collections of simple, oversized shapes with detailed print and delicate fabric combinations. The beautiful blue/purple hues of the prints in the current collection have been developed by selecting, enlarging and repeating pieces of art work that has been created in collaboration with artists from Arts Lab, who, together with 20 male prisoners at HMP Dartmoor have collaged images by layering vibrant, abstract drawings, inspired by personal feelings towards the current Covid crisis.

Fashion is one of the top most polluting industry’s, and something that the Mukta designer/ makers, Abigail Schaefer and Inuta Ulme, seek to work against when entering the fashion world. With waste fabrics and unwanted clothes filling the worlds landfills, the repurposing of clothes and fabric is the specialised technique that Mukta (a Hindi word meaning freed, liberated) promotes by giving new life to waste fabrics and discarded clothes. Mukta works in close collaboration with artists and projects, joining and sharing disciplines to grow on an ever increasing slow fashion movement. With aspirations to inspire and teach sustainable making and designing ways through courses - empowering the next generation of sustainable fashion thinkers, designers and makers, and producing assessable, sustainable, limited woman’s wear collections.

Tavistock Place

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