Amy Maxwell

MA Illustration

Instagram: @amylea.maxwell

Title of Work: “Clowns”

Artist Statement:
Amy’s practice showcases her efforts to personify her identity and mental health through clown caricature designs - allowing her to challenge her own perception on who she is or how she wants the world around her to perceive her. Using clown figures allowed her to explore novelty and amusement as a way to challenge her thoughts, and the struggles she often face quietly to herself. It's from exploring these historic, performance themes that she began to associate them with her own practice and how she wants to use her character designs to offer something to the world. She wishes to use her characters to offer positivity, and allow both young and old to find novelty and humour in a world around them that is changing at an alarmingly fast pace. Sometimes it is good to slow down and reflect upon what we have - and in a world as complicated and as corporate as our own, adding a layer of fun, character and novelty can help us understand and indulge in things we might often find difficult to understand or undertake.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434