Chesta Nagar

MA Photography

Email: chesta.nagar@gmail.com
Instagram: @photo_rious
Website: cn10696561.wixsite.com/shape-of-an-artisan

Artist Statement:
Shape of an Artisan is an attempt towards evidentiary preservation of traditional crafts through visual mediums. I have incorporated varying image making techniques to visualise the love and admiration an artisan shares with their craft. I have captured an essence of the artisan through dividing them into five elemental Mudras (symbolic hand gestures) : fire, earth, sky, space and water. And after combining the Mudras with the artisans resembling hand movements during a crafting process, I could perceive hidden silhouettes which had to be focalised. This is how I started the journey of progressing the shapes through three phases : construction, deconstruction and reconstruction. I utilised various mediums like 3D printing, crafted structures, 3D photography and origami to attain their final form of photo sculptures. This project is an amalgamation of intercultural alliance through exploring interdisciplinary studies which opens the gates of curiosity to traverse more into such affiliations.

Tavistock Place

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