Claire Blackburn

MA Painting

Instagram: @claireblackburn55

Artist Statement:
I identify as a painter and a witch. As part of my final MA module I asked the question, "Does my practice as a witch influence my practice as an Artist?" I have visited sacred and magical sites and looked at the Wiccan calendar to inspire my work. I have concentrated mainly on the landscapes I have discovered and hoped to portray the energy and natural beauty these places possess, I have tried to harness the power of the five elements of air, fire, water, earth and spirit. While producing my paintings, some I have been imbued with spells and others I have tried to capture the magic and spirit of place. I have looked at the history of witchcraft and how other artist/witches portray their art and craft, and how we can all feel more connected to nature, the environment and our ancestors.

Tavistock Place

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