Donna White

MA Ceramics

Website: dartpottery.co.uk
Instagram: @dart_pottery
Email: dartpottery@gmail.co.uk

Artist Statement:
Donna White is a ceramicist whose work explores the connection between humans and the landscape, the relationships we form with the natural world, and how we develop bonds with places that hold significant meaning to us. She has developed ways of embedding this human connection in clay works using sediment, sand, debris and flora to express connections, relationships, memories and emotions. Unfired vessels are often returned to the place where their materials were gathered and left to be reabsorbed back into nature, completing a cycle of life. She recently completed MA Ceramics at Plymouth College of Art and is developing a career creating ephemeral works, working cooperatively with clients on individual and community projects, as well as with the bereaved and green funeral companies.

After graduating from Portsmouth Polytechnic with a B.Ed honours degree in Creatives Arts in 1989, she taught for thirty years before returning to arts education to study MA Ceramics in 2019. She has worked on community projects exploring the value of ephemeral clay works (Curledege Street Primary School 2020) . Her performance work slowly disaggregated throughout the duration of the exhibition at Test Space ( Plymouth College of Art, 2020). Recently she has been working on personal commissions to support the bereaved with grieving and loss. Her ephemeral works were featured in Emerging Potters Online Magazine ( Jan /Feb 2021) and West Country Potters Magazine (March/April 2021).

Tavistock Place

01752 203434