Eira Marasco

MA Ceramics

Website: eiramarasco.com

Artist Statement:
My work is symbolic of Earths primordial condition. The ideas of interconnectivity and continual cyclical processes are fundamental to my practice. I am inspired by humanities influence over the natural world. My work envisages the aesthetics of a Post-Anthropocene landscape. Using industrial, engineered forms, I layer foraged material to replicate geological strata. The intense heat of the kiln allows my work to evolve, emulating the rock cycle. My practice pays tribute to the powerful and brutal rhythm of nature, resonating at the same frequency.

I am inspired while hiking along the trails cutting through wild surroundings. However, even here the scars of human impact cannot be ignored as they lay carved into the earth’s skin. I embody this relationship in my work.

My aim is to bridge the widening gap between civilisation and the wilderness. My sculptures invite the audience to consider ecological processes and to rediscover their true entanglement with Mother Earth. I don’t see myself as environmentalist per se, I’d rather see the work that I make as points of departure for a more complex conversation about what can be done going forward.

How can we sustain the world that sustains us?’

Tavistock Place

01752 203434