Elspeth Hart

VCs Commendation PG Award (Runner up)

MA Ceramics

Website: elspethhart.co.uk
Instagram: @elspeth.hart

Artist Statement:
I am a ceramic artist with a background in fine art and studio pottery. I exhibit at a number of galleries and selected ceramics fairs throughout the UK. My work is influenced by the land I inhabit, responding to its topography and history, and my personal experience of it. I am drawn to vessels as the starting point for my thoughts, and my pieces - whilst sculptural in intent - reference functional pottery both ancient and contemporary. They take their forms from objects used to store, contain and sustain, in this way they are like the land which itself sustains and holds us. Tolmen is a series of works rooted in Dartmoor. It speaks of the land it has come from and my attempts to connect with it through walking and gathering found clays. The colours of the slipped and scratched surfaces are the colours of this land.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434