Hannah Mumby

Principal's Award 2019

Website: hannahmumby.co.uk
Research Gate Journal

As an illustrator Hannah Mumby is fascinated by what lies behind the stories we tell and by the hidden desires that comprise our unconscious, which might be revealed through our dreams or choice of words.

In her practice she explores what happens when an illustration doesn’t tell the viewer the full story; creating ambiguous and enigmatic illustrations to investigate what we can experience in the gaps between a text and an image and how we try to find meaning when we’re confronted with opacity, disjunctures, and gaps. She explores what happens when illustration abandons its usual role of helping the viewer understand a clear narrative and instead forces the viewer into forming something out of the tension between word and image, where there can be a slippage of meanings, and multilayered readings can emerge.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434