Janie M McDonald

MA Fine Art

Website: janiemmcdonald.com
Instagram: @janiemmcdonaldart  

Title of Work: “In Keeping”

Artist Statement:
Our inability to let go of memories, and the transferring of these memories and associated emotions onto ‘things’ creates emotional attachments that prevent us from being able to part with the ‘thing’. I am interested in these invisible connections between us and the ‘thing’, the traces of memory and attachment that leak from the ‘thing’ that make it impossible for us to part with it.

Keepsake is a space for emotional attachments to ebb and flow, to be both absent and present. Inside a wooden hoarding are thin fabric vessels. They hang quietly in the space, waiting to leak and discharge memory and attachment. Some of the vessels bear the traces of ‘things’ via an image, projected through the ether - the space where the emotional connections live. Others are seemingly empty of traces but are waiting, dormant, for the light to change and for transference to begin.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434