Joanna Haskins

MA Painting

Website: johaskins.co.uk
Email: johaskins@hotmail.fr
Instagram: @johaskinsart

Artist Statement:
I am a painter and printmaker whose current practice is inspired by my feelings of freedom and connection experienced when present in the Arctic landscape of Svalbard. It is about the discovery of place as a result of regular visits allowing me to be totally surrounded by the magic of the Arctic. I aim to portray the wonder, quietness and beauty witnessed in the vast, infinite space, and the feeling of the constantly moving and ever-changing environment. I synchronise the techniques of painting and printmaking, allowing the two processes to inform each other. I am drawn to the interaction of colours and shapes experienced when immersed in the landscape. I hope to bring the spirit of place to the viewer, inviting them to connect and appreciate the power and strength of nature, and to reflect on its uncertain outcomes.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434