MA Fine Art

Email: leahjordanart@gmail.com
Instagram: @leahjordanart

Title of Work: “Organ Machine”

Artist Statement:
I am a visual artist exploring the internal landscape of the body. Organs come out to play in Organ Machine, joined together with soft sculptural tubes creating a system that celebrates the functionality of the body and the organs that work unconsciously to keep the body machine alive. The mind and body are two separate entities and the question of how they can interact when one occupies matter and space and one does not has still not been answered. The pink shape is a window into a reality where organs are not ruled by the mind, placing the organs in a new context that is detached from the physical body and self. I feel that advancements in technology have distorted the view of the body through the ease of image editing and plastic surgery, justifying my desire to question what the body is and what it can be.

Tavistock Place

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