Lucia Yonge

MA Ceramics

Instagram: @luciayonge

Title of Work: “Reorganised narrative Layers of Sharp edged humour”

Artist Statement:
I am an artist and maker who works primarily with discarded and broken found materials.

My MA project involves exploring the use of broken, discarded and unwanted ceramic objects as raw materials for the creation of new artworks. By using familiar, everyday, ready-made objects to create pieces with strong narrative and humour, I aim to encourage the viewer to connect to both the work and their own experiences and engagement with day to day objects. With a focus on sustainability and recycling, I hope to provoke discussion around the subjects of what constitutes a raw material and how we create and view value and worth.

Recognisable objects
Mothers best china
Ordinary plates, colourful and
Crazed narrative
of layers
the humour in the sharp edges
Broken fragments
I am unique
Well crafted ones
with pieces of
What Is that?

Tavistock Place

01752 203434