Mouli Paul

MA Photography

Website: moulipaul.com
Instagram: @moulipaul

Title of Work: “Textures of Belonging”

Artist Statement:
My work strongly draws on the notions of home, belonging and memory and myself in conversations with diasporic voices. I felt constantly drawn towards the objects and artefacts that immigrants surround themselves with, as memory-laden emblems of their home, culture, history and signifiers of the passing of time. The work speaks of making and activating memories of home through photographing memory objects and undertaking a practice of rephotographing old photographs, which are memories in themselves, with the purpose to help recover and heal from the loss and grief and also. It also refers to the “non-belonging others” who are trying to find a sense of belonging in an alienated space. The core of the project lies in the extreme amount of displacement I had seen my mother go through when we had migrated within our own country coupled with my current experiences as a temporary immigrant.

Tavistock Place

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