Patriciah Petrie

MA Entrepreneurial Creative Practice

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Title of Work: “S.H.A.R.E.D’”

Artist Statement:
It reflects on the shared Anguish that individuals feel before and after relocating, but also the flip side of how when we pull together and unify, we create a sense of belonging. The interactive business plan will support the success of the initiative. It's interactive, and it's meant to keep you interested and, hopefully, remember it. S.H.AR.E.D is about creating space that is both unique comfortable and welcoming for interaction and support. The initiative aimed at bringing people together in order for them to participate and assist with all essential components of integration and belonging. SHARED is an acronym that stands for Sustain, Holds, and Aspire. Reflection and Education and Diversity.

Sustain: We do our best to support each other psychologically and physically via the conversations we have.

Holds: Uphold our values and assist here you can with good intentions.

Aspire: strive and hope for stronger and more meaningful connections, and appreciate each other despite our differences.

Reflect: In the midst of chaos, improve our mentality and consider what meaningful activities can help us grow together.

Educate: Learn and educate more about sustainability, as well as offer and promote services that may benefit one another.

Diversity: Despite our differences, we must work together to achieve our goals.

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