Paula Gammage

MA  Textile Design

Instagram: @paulas_textiles

Title of Work: “Decipher”

Artist Statement:
Japanese textiles and the rich symbolic narrative that flows through their designs, have inspired me as a maker. Symbolic floral designs have led me to explore Floriography and the secret communication of flowers. Using a hidden message can add another layer of information but also gives the viewer the opportunity to try and decipher the narrative. My design was inspired by the responses of 645 Floriography survey participants. I created three wall hangings that translated this feedback, by using paper and embroidery, hand tufting, resist and indigo dyeing organic cotton bamboo fabric. I used a colour palette of blue tones that gives the piece a naturalistic feel. These tones are relaxing, calming and energizing. Creating soft surface texture can determine the way a space feels -it adds warmth. We connect by listening and sharing and my project invited us to participate.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434