Poppy Goldsmith

MA Printmaking

Instagram: @poppygoldsmith

Artist Statement:
Printmaking at its heart is magical. My practice explores the sublime and ethereal relationship between evocative text and the haptic process of printmaking. My print and artist’s book is a response to my own writing which explores feelings stirred up throughout the pandemic to create a chaotic soliloquy, a narrative manifesto or an archived diary entry. The writing is not defined. In essence my project investigates connection. Connection between how we understand ourselves and the world around us. Searching for something more tender and fulfilling, more empathetic and loving with the aspiration of optimism. Illustrating the ‘awe’ feeling when we experience these bonds and observations of the everyday, both which stir something deep within us, allowing for connection to an authentic version of ourselves. The visual of the comet acts as a way to personify those points of connection within my writing, where the celestial imagery acts as an embodiment of invisible magic of the everyday. Linking deep introspection to something already ancient and mystical, that has a history of ephemerality but also longevity and has been occupying our imagination forever.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434