Ross Sanders

MA Fine Art

Title of Work: “Carn Marth”

Artist Statement:
Hi everyone it's Ross here. I hope this is ok- but my artwork is feeding you, you are feeling pretty average at the moment, but as you view this work (whatever this work is)- you are slowly expanding. like not your mind- nope that's whatever it was a minute ago- rather you are expanding- but you won't necessarily notice this as your skin right now is remarkably dense, infact you might first notice this as a sort of difference in pressure within your person structure. Probably best to just go with it. It will pass - art always does.

Oh by the way if you are viewing this art work- it comes with a free mallet. To redeem yours just email rosssanders@live.com

A guide to my website

I have been constructing a website that functions as an online piece of art in its own right. The title page is totally black except for the text:

“Welcome to whatever this is. If you finger your way around this page (with the exception of this bit)- (this is mine), you will finger upon many separate things. Separate things. The things are not hidden, but they are hard to find, you do have to believe in order to find them. Fuck”

In short one has to search for the buttons which link to the various digital artworks that are hidden throughout the apparently empty title page.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434