Sam Rowe

MA Illustration

Website: samdraws.com
Email: hi@samdraws.com
Instagram: @_samdraws
Twitter: @_samdraws

Title of Work: “The thing in the middle”

Artist Statement:
This work concludes research that explores the act of storytelling as a way to reposition the role of the illustrator, using methodologies which embrace the egocentric predicament (our inability to accurately communicate subjective perception) as a space for play and creative fulfilment. From start to finish this research has been autoethnographic, driven by a fatigue from and rejection of commercial illustration practices in the search for simple enjoyment when making pictures. This conclusion presents a way of working which prioritises the agency of the illustrator not as provider, but teller; and forms a framework which intentionally separates this act from that of constructing meaning.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434