Sarah Gregory

MA Painting

Instagram: @sarahgregoryartist
Email: sarah.j.l.gregory@gmail.com

Artist Statement:
I am a painter who depicts the landscape as a gigantic collage of juxtaposed surfaces spread across the picture plane. My research has taken a temporal navigation of the picture plane to gain a deeper understanding of what resides within its threshold and culminates in three pieces depicting threshold, plane of immanence and immanence. The Mobius Band illustrates the transition of a landscape painting from a flat surface to a three dimensional picture plane. Four signposts depict the plane of immanence which I discovered at the heart of the picture plane. They navigate through its threshold, lines of flight, moment of non thought and the imminent moment where the painting becomes a chaos of fragments. And finally the painting in its unfinished condition awaits the final stroke to make it complete. My corporeal presence is evident in the delicate touches of gold upon its surface as I survey in contemplation.

Tavistock Place

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