Suzanne Drummond

MA Printmaking

Email: Hamco.designs@gmail.com

Artist Statement:
In my recent artistic practice, I have embarked on a visual journey to capture the essence of my ongoing voyage over the past two years. Drawing inspiration from my recurring and habitual steps, using the realms of repetition and the understanding of my own conformity within these. By depicting these elements in my artworks, my aim is to create artefacts that containing rhythm and motion. Through subtle variations in shape, line and shadow, I seek to evoke the alternate perspectives encountered along my journey. To further enhance the visual impact of my artwork, I employ the use of light and shadows driven through movement, this being created through the interaction of the viewer. Inviting viewers to engage with the ever-changing and evolving nature of their own personal voyages. These echoes serve as a reminder of the interconnectedness of our individual journeys and the collective impact we have on each other.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434