Tianna Barnes

MA Visual Communication

Website: tiannabarnes.co.uk
Instagram: tianna_barnes_

Artist Statement:
This MA explores the realms of creative coding and generative design to develop innovative music cover artwork. As a music lover, I noticed the repetitive covers and, as a designer, I witnessed the countless debates surrounding technology’s relationship to art and its supposed threat. This research aimed to face both of these observations, exploring how today’s technology could be used in the music industry, by developing custom algorithms through code to generate visuals that resonate with the auditory and lyrical qualities of contemporary songs. There were questions about computers’ link to creativity, and whether they possess the power alone to create works of art. By researching this practically, I discovered a balance between human intent and computational chance, where, we as designers, are able to harness the computational powers to create unique, unexpected pieces. This project urges viewers to consider how they might define art in today’s digital world.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434