William Luz

Vice Chancellor's Award

MA Drawing

Website: williamluz.co.uk
Email: hi@williamluz.co.uk 
Social Media Handle: @William__luz

Title of Work: “A GHOST SUBJECT
(or The Principle of Mutual Enhancement)”

Artist Statement:
Throughout recent discourse on drawing there is a consistent reference to drawing being a method of making the invisible, visible. This notion, for me, refers to the maker that is behind the work that is made: the disembodied body, the artist in the person that makes, the ghost in the machine. Through video and associated works on paper I explore whether the acts of playing with materials, touching, looking, feeling, moving, or simply being can be considered drawing. To capture the activity of making over the art object, movement becoming form. I want my work to serve as a celebration of making and the inherent play involved within the act of making. And also to ask the question, am I an artist, or just a body making art? To think about drawing as thinking. Thoughtfulness made visible.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434