Zowie Wyatt

MA Textile Design

Website: zowiedesign.com
Instagram: @zowie_design
Email: zowietextiledesign@gmail.com

Artist Statement:
Material Worlds: Exploring the Intersection of Sensory Design, Abstract Art, and Biophilia. As a textile artist, the sense of touch is at the core of my practice. ‘Material Worlds’ celebrates the tactile nature of textiles and the inherent beauty found within raw materials. Through the interplay of textures, the collection invites viewers to engage their sense of touch and immerse themselves in the intricate details and surfaces of the artwork. Natural dyes derived from plants and the incorporation of undyed wool amplify the organic qualities, celebrating the richness and diversity of the materials. Inspired by biophilia, sensory design, and abstract art, ‘Material Worlds’ aims to create a sensory experience that transcends the visual realm. This collection is an invitation to rediscover the joy and solace found in tactile experiences and foster a renewed sense of harmony with our environment.

Tavistock Place

01752 203434